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     I have chosen family childcare as my profession because of my love for children and the desire to provide other families the care I would expect to recieve for my own Son. The success of my business depends upon prompt payment. Tuition includes quality childcare, meals, and a nurturing environment for your child. Your fees also provide my income, including taxes and social security. Beyond that your fees help to pay for special insurance, training, food, toys, equipment, art supplies, and all other things that your child will use.

     Like other self-employed workers, family daycare providers do not receive benefits such as health/dental insurance, life insurance, unemployment insurance, retirement, flexible time off, etc. To protect my business and my income, you will find that a guaranteed wage is a part of my contract. If your child does not attend on any given day you are still responsible for full payment of that week. Please remember just because your child does not attend it does not mean you have given me the day off. I am still open for business and have other children to take care of. This is my career as you have yours. My income pays many bills and I cannot afford to have this income taken away. The services I provide are distinctly different from those of a “baby-sitter”, with consistency in pay being the key to maintaining these services. I love what I do and accept the nature of my business, however, I must ensure that I am able to continue providing a high quality care while providing for my family.

 Full time care is 6 hours or more of care provided to any one child in one day.

Part time care is  less than 6 hours of care provided to any one child in one day.

 The rate for full time/part time is as follows:

Full Time:

Infants (12-24 months) - $200/week

Children (24 months and up) - $175/week

 Part Time:

Infants (12-24 months) - $35/day

Children (24 months & up) - $30/day

 Payment is required at time of drop off on Monday morning, or in the morning on the first day of care for the week if your child does not attend on Mondays. My billing cycle covers the traditional workweek, Monday–Friday. You are responsible for payment as stated in your contract, along with any additional hours used or applicable fees. Payments must be current at all times in order for your child to continue to attend Hemingway’s Family Childcare.

Unless prior arrangements are made, a late payment fee of $10.00 will be assessed for each day the payment is late. Repeated late payments may be grounds for termination. At the end of each year, I will provide you with proper tax form indicating the full amount of all charges for that calendar year and the information required for claiming your daycare costs on your taxes.

 Late Fees

Unless prior arrangements are made, a late fee of $10.00 for every 30 minutes late will be charged. This rate is effective 30 minutes after normal operating hours. I understand that a late pick up may be necessary at times due to unexpected circumstances. Please call me as soon as you know you will need additional time. This rate is necessary to protect my family time, to make sure I am not taken advantage of, and to ensure that I am aware, at all times, of the plans for your child. Habitual tardiness may result in termination of services.


If a check is returned to me for non-sufficient funds, you will be required to pay a $30.00 fee. Childcare services will be immediately halted until full payment of tuition and NSF charges has been made, in CASH. In addition, I will only accept cash payments from that point forward. 

 Hours of Operations

My hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. I will not be available for evening and weekend care. In order for me to be the best provider that I can be, it is important to have adequate time to spend with my family. There are also, planning, preparation and cleaning activities, associated with the daycare that can not be completed during day time hours. Please also remember I have a family and need to have time with them and to cook and eat dinner in the evenings.

I maintain an open door policy for parents during day care hours. When dropping in please take children’s nap times into consideration. If you call during the day, please be aware that I may be busy with the children and may not answer the phone. If you would leave a message, I will call you back as soon as possible. Open door policy does not mean that our doors are unlocked. I believe that it is important to keep the doors locked for the safety of the children.